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2003 VOX VT15 Valvetronix

Very Good condition, 7,5/10, no footswitch, more
info: The Vox VT15 15-watt modeling guitar
amplifier combo puts the tone and response of a
tube amp into an affordable, lightweight 1 x 8
unit that s as versatile as it is great-sounding!
The VT15 includes 22 great amp models ranging from
boutique clean to classic grit to outright modded
metal mayhem. You also get an incredible set of 12
high-quality effects, 66 presets, and even a
headphone output for late-night practicing
sessions. Vox s Reactor Circuit uses a real 12AX7
tube to make this amp react to your playing like a
tube amp would. You get amazing tones, tons of
features, and a great value with the VT15!

Price: SEK 1500

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