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2015 Breedlove American Series C20/SM

Very Good condition, 7,5/10, Made in USA, only a
few tiny dents in the top and some fret wear, more
info: From Breedlove guitars comes a series that
is 100% true red-white-and-blue American. The
American series guitars are built in Bend, Oregon
using quality products made right in the USA-no
parts or designs were shipped to other countries.
These guitars represent the true American spirit,
using quality parts and Breedlove s famous
craftsmanship, producing guitars that will stand
the test of time and look absolutely beautiful in
the process. Built on the concert body platform,
the Breedlove American C20/SM acoustic guitar is
designed to minimize overtones during a
performance. The body width and depth produces
balanced tone, but does without the boomy bass or
reverberation of a traditional dreadnought. But
the impressive balance and projection are
substantial musical features on this beauty.
Because of these qualities, the concert body lends
itself perfectly for fingerpicking, while still
sounding great for playing in any style. The solid
Sitka top and solid mahogany back and sides of the
Breedlove guitar offer a balanced midrange with
lots of bold projection. The rosewood fingerboard,
and the one-piece mahogany neck produce rich
clarity from note to note. The Breedlove C20/SM
guitar s 25-1/2 scale, 1-3/4 nut width, and 16
radius offer comfort for intricate finger
movements, and the gloss finish adds a high-end
shine. The bridge truss system stiffens the bridge
and relaxes the soundboard to maximize sustain and
resonate freely. Pinless, winged bridge and
scalloped bracing artfully balances string-to-top
energy. These design elements yield abundant
overtones, complexity, body resonance and
note-for-note swell ideal for creating natural
effects, single note complexity, and orchestral
chording. All Breedlove Custom Shop steel-string
guitars (except for the Revival Series), Pro
Series and Atlas Series guitars use the JLD Bridge
Truss system. This device is a cantilevered truss
that helps to counterbalance string tension at the
bridge, creating a relaxed top and improved
structural integrity. This allows the tops to be
braced in a very progressive way, with a focus on
realizing the full acoustic potential of the top.
A relaxed top provides maximal wavelength response
and a synergy is created by use of a graduated top
thickness, balanced scalloped bracing, and a
pinless bridge in combination with the bridge
truss system. This gives Breedlove guitars the
distinctive and highly dynamic Breedlove Sound ,
with a piano-like bass and a remarkably
well-balanced tone suitable for a broad variety of
musical styles. Other appointments on the
Breedlove guitar include black body binding,
American abalone rosette, single-action soundhole
adjustable truss rod, scalloped bracing, one-piece
mahogany neck, Breedlove pearl dot position
markers, asymmetrical Breedlove headstock with
rosewood overlay, and Gotoh 381 tuners. The
Breedlove American Series C20/SM acoustic guitar
includes the Breedlove lifetime warranty and a
deluxe hardshell case, so you can keep your
6-string guitar looking as gorgeous as the day you
bought it. Make that day today and order
now.All-American parts, homegrown wood, and
Breedlove craftsmanship produce a concert guitar
that will draw a crowd.FEATURES100% Made in Bend,
Oregon USAConcert bodySolid mahogany back and
sidesSolid Sitka spruce topBlack body
bindingAmerican abalone rosetteSingle-action
soundhole adjustable truss rodRosewood pinless
winged bridge with J.L.D. bridge truss
systemScalloped bracing25-1/2 scale
lengthOne-piece mahogany neckRosewood
fingerboardBreedlove pearl dot position
markers1-3/4 nutFrets: 20 (14 open)Asymmetrical
Breedlove headstock with rosewood overlayGotoh 381
tunersGloss top & semi-gloss back and sides

Price: SEK 10500

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