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1980 Daion Mugen Mark I

Good condition, 6,5/10, Made in Japan, has a burnt
stamp in the mid seam reinforcement Yamaki Co Ltd
, mismatched replaced Gotoh tuners (3 black and 3
chrome) but the chrome buttons are matching, worn
frets, solid cedar top with lots of wear but no
repairs, rosewood pickguard, reglued pickguard
with some traces, ovankol back and sides
(laminated), big neck with soft V-shape, rosewood
fingerboard with dots, maple soundhole rosette,
more info from online: Daion was founded in 1962
by Yasuyuki Teradaira. Manufacturer of house brand
guitars Daion, along with JooDee and Johnson
badged guitars. JooDee was made by lead guitar
luthier Shiro Tsuji. Work subcontracted to the
manufacturer Yamaki. Daion left the business
shortly after 1984.

Price: SEK 6500

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