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1918 Martin 5-28

Good condition, 6/10, very rare model, according
to some sources there were less than 5pc produced
per year in the period 1901-1939, oversprayed top
with a thin coat that is shiny over the 8 repaired
cracks in the top, the soundhole binding has
shrunken a bit and is loose in the front edge,
replaced replica bridge with a modern intonated
saddle, herringbone around the soundhole and in
the backstrip, v-shaped neck, nice woods in the
body, has been refretted with wear in the
fingerboard, the top is a bit uneven, including
modern plastic SKB case of the correct size, more
info: Scale 21,375 , Martin 5-28 is a three
quarter sized acoustic produced from 1901 to 1939
and again from 1968 to 1981. The 5-28 has also
been available recently as a Martin Custom Shop
model and also influenced the design of the 1999
Mini Martin - as played by Sting.

Price: SEK 52000

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