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1964 Silvertone Model 1457

Good condition, 6,5/10, comes without the
amp-in-case, worn and beat up finish but all
original parts, some sparkle in the finish,
original pots dated 1376440 (40th week of 1964),
added cable holder on one pickguard screw,
including brown original softshell Geib case, more
info: Starting in the mid- 50s, most guitars
bearing the Silvertone brand name were produced by
Danelectro. Silvertone was the in-house brand of
Sears and was marketed to beginner guitarists. In
1964, Silvertone distributed a two-pickup version
of the earlier amp-in-case model as the 1457
(there was also a short-lived model 1449 with a
different pickguard and finish). While the guitar
was sold with an amp-in-case, many have survived
without the amp intact. Years of Production: 1964
- 1967Body Style: Double cutaway solidbodyDesign
Elements: Two lipstick pickup, dot inlays, volume
and tone control, six-on-a-side headstock .

Price: SEK 9900

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