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1945 Levin Royal

Good condition, 6/10, Made in Sweden, light
oversprayed top and heel and upper part of the
sides to cover a repaired heel and some dents in
the top, not sanded or buffed so a satin sheen
done by an amateur, traces of an old neck reset
with chips on the bass side of the heel, wrong
style repro pickguard (too short and for cutaway,
made in Korea by Peerless) so there is a filled
hole on the top and an open screw hole on the
side, original bridge and small thumbwheels
(typical for pre 1950), original tailpiece,
original tuners, original endpin (white plastic),
barely any fretwear, huge tone, these wartime
Royals had some specs that differed from other
eras; Mahogany neck instead of maple, celluloid
blocks in the fingerboard instead of
mother-of-pearl, rosewood in the bridge and
fingerboard instead of ebony, this gives a special
sound and feel to the guitar that some people
appreciate and love.

Price: SEK 16500

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