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2010 VOX Tony Bruno TB35C1 35W 1x12 Tube Guitar Combo Amplifier

Excellent condition, 8/10, made in Vietnam, price
brand new was 10242SEK (about 1000USD), more info:
Tony Bruno designed and constructed a hand wired
35 watt prototype chassis for the TB35C1 and
TB35C2 amplifiers and turned it over to Vox. The
35 watt Bruno design incorporated four 12AX7, one
12AT7 and four 6V6 tubes. Using the hand built
Bruno prototype as a standard and tonal reference
point, Vox developed a printed circuit board
version of the amplifier suitable for mass
production. Vox sent one of the printed circuit
board versions of the amp back to Bruno for
further tonal tweaking. Using his expert ears and
tonal intuition, Bruno made further adjustments to
the circuit. The amp was approved for production
at Vox only after Tony Bruno was completely
satisfied with its performance.The tone of the
Vox/Bruno amps is unique when compared to any
other Vox amp. The amp has more clean headroom
than traditional Vox amps in this power range,
such as the AC-30. Country pickers will appreciate
this increased headroom. The TB35C1 and C2 amps
also had more low end than traditional Vox amps.
The added bass response comes from a combination
of 6V6 output tubes and Celestion G12-65 speakers.
When overdriven, the Tony Bruno amps are darker in
tone than the typical Vox AC series amp, making it
ideal for blues players.

Price: SEK 5500

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