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2015 Peavey Classic 20 Micro Head 20W All Tube

Excellent condition, 8/10, manufacture date
September 2015, Made in China, price brand new is
6908SEK (about 700USD), no footswitch included,
more info: Classic 20 Microhead is equipped with
3pc 12AX7 tubes in the preamp and 2 EL84 in the
power stage. With Classic 20, you get the same
tonality and gain structure as the other Classic
amplifiers. The preamplifier consists of two
channels that share a 3-band EQ. Each channel has
a volume boost that can be controlled from the
foot pedal. Loop and reverb available.You can
control 4 functions from the foot pedals, channel,
boost (both channels), reverb and loop. The final
stage can be set between 20W, 5W and 1W. There is
a built-in sound card with USB output so you can
drop your signal directly to your computer. You
can also output the output stage signal at line
level with a mixer simulator to go straight into a
sound card or line up the amplifier live.

Price: SEK 4500

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