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Jackson Custom Shop Randy Rhoads Concorde Relic Tribute Guitar

Mint condition, 9/10, one of only 60pc that will
ever be produced as a true replica of the first
prototype Randy Rhoads guitar, this guitar has
lived in it s case and is in the same condition as
the day it came out of the Jackson Custom Shop in
2010 with all the relating paperwork and original
Anvil flightcase, more info: This is the Jackson
Custom Shop Randy Rhoads Relic Concorde Tribute
guitar- based on one of the most iconic guitars
ever made. This guitar has only come out of the
box for pictures and has never been played! Randy
s Tribute Model is a direct replica of his
original 1980 Jackson asymmetrical v-Shaped guitar
that he personally designed. The original Concorde
is known as the first pointy guitar and the
first instrument to bear the Jackson logo. This
guitar comes with a siged COA by Delores Rhoads,
Mike Shannon, & Chip Ellis, pictures
and explanations of how the guitar was crafted,
and much more. This run was limited with only 60
produced and in circulation worldwide.About The
Rhoads family gave Mike Shannon and Chip Ellis
(who worked on this guitar and the EVH
Frankenstein guitars) access to Randy s guitar,
Mike and Chip then rebuilt Randy s guitar down to
every nick, scratch, and spec. It includes the
black non-reflective tape on the back of the
guitar that Sharron Osbourne made Randy put on the
guitar on the Diary of a Madman tour so that when
the lights were dimmed before the show started,
Randy would flip his guitar up so that it would
not reflect any light to keep the stage totally
dark.HistoryThe original Concorde was built in
1980 and designed by Randy and built by Grover
Jackson, Tim Wilson (Jackson Custom Shop), and
Mike Shannon (masterbuilder). The Jackson Concorde
was built by Mike Shannon who worked as builder at
Charvel for Grover Jackson and was specifically
built for Randy Rhoads. Grover thought the design
was so extreme that he didn t want to put the
guitar under the Charvel name which in turn, led
to creation of Jackson Guitars. The original
guitar had been kept at the Rhoads family school
since his death, and they say the case has not
been opened in over 20 years when Chip Ellis and
Mike Shannon arrived to inspect and measure every
aspect of it. Amazingly, the neck was straight,
and it was still in tune. One of the most
noticeable customizations that Randy did to his
guitar is the black tape all over the back. Randy
was one of the most influential rock guitar
players in history, and this is the defining Randy
guitar. The guitar comes in a stenciled anvil
case, and the whole project has the Rhoads family
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Price: SEK 135000

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