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1969 Fender Stratocaster

Very Good condition, 7/10, worn finish, all
original parts except for one replaced pot from
1987 and a repair of the pickguard around the
tremolo (2 pieces of plastic super glued in place
to hold the screws, not sure why) and a refret
with some fret wear, including original hardcase
with logo on the lid (with tail, the version used
around 1967-1971), single string tree, white
pickguard with a bottom layer of pearloid typical
for the 1968/1969 version, F-tuners, pearl dots in
the rosewood fingerboard, green neck stamp with
very visible numbers; 22 484 1198 (22 = code for
Stratocaster 484 = batch or lot code 11 = November
9 = 1969 B = 1 5/8 inch neck width), 2 of the pots
date 1376921 (21st week of 1969) and the back tone
pot is dated 1378747, the original 3-way switch is
a brown bakelite half moon CRL 1452 with white
plastic center wheel as used during 1965-1973, the
grey bottom pickups are stamped 2569, square
pickup routes with worm rout typical for this era
(1968 the pickup routes were still round),
original plastic knobs

Price: SEK 120000

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