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2011 Vintage Icon Series V6MRB

Very Good condition, 7,5/10, maple neck, only
slight fret wear, price brand new is 4995SEK
(about 500USD), including black Fender gigbag,
more specs: The V6MRBK has the appearance of a
battle-hardened road warrior, but comes equipped
with the added benefit of some modern
embellishments. A trio of Wilkinson WVS
vintage-voiced Alnico V pickups give the guitar
the perfect balance between scorching highs, rich
mids and plummy low end. The Wilkinson vibrato
bridge, meanwhile, features a stagger-drilled
block which radically improves the guitar s
intonation, whilst maintaining incredible
return-to-pitch accuracy.Good things come to those
who wait - but who has the time for that? The
Vintage ICON Series replicates the beautiful,
worn-in look and feel of an instrument that has
paid its dues, without investing the lifetime s
worth of woodshedding, rehearsing, performing and
travel. This is a guitar that already looks like
your lifetime companion; the best part is, your
journey is just beginning. Play on.V6
Features:Body:Eastern poplar body provides
resonance, tone and correct weight comfort,
enhanced with correctly radiused contoured
body.Vibrato:The Wilkinson WVC vibrato bridge
featured on the Vintage V6 is a masterpiece of
detail. Positive location, 6 screw design provides
return to pitch accuracy; perpendicular bend, high
grade steel saddles enhance tonality and snap .
Ground base plate corner provides authentic looks.
Stagger drilled cast block significantly enhances
return to pitch accuracy and classic vintage tone.
The push-in delrin-bushed arm with variable
tension provides the arm feel that suits your
style.Pickups:Balanced set of Wilkinson WVS
vintage-voiced Alnico V pickups, with staggered,
chamfered edge pole pieces, for authentic tone and
contemporary power. Reverse wound, reverse
polarity centre pickup provides hum cancelling in
switch position 2 and 4. Controls:Single master
Volume control with Tone control 1 for the neck
and middle pickup, with Custom Mod Tone control
2 for bridge pickup. Five-way selector
switch.Machine Heads:Wilkinson WJ55 patented
E-Z-Lok machine heads. Simple, effective locking
action for increased tuning stability. Staggered
string post heights provide correct string rake
angle for smooth vibrato action and correct
playing tension.Neck:Hard rock Maple with classic
Vintage soft C profile for instant comfort,
speed, accuracy and great
feel.Fingerboard:Traditional 10 radius
fingerboard provides positive feel and superior
playability.Scale Length:25.5 / 648mm.Frets:22
Medium profile frets add to comfort, accuracy and
overall positive feel of the Vintage V6.Nut:43mm
GraphTech nut, smooth and friction
free.Headstock:Classic Vintage headstock design
for balance and visual appeal.

Price: SEK 3500

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