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1972 Fender Telecaster Custom

Good condition, 6,5/10, weight 3,2kg (light alder
body), worn frets, rosewood neck stamped 3 FEB
73B, pickup stamped 73, pots dated 3rd week of
1973, 2 of them are stamped 22nd week of 1972
(also stamped Mexico, this is odd but during a
period in 1972-1974 Fender had a Mexican company
assemble electronics, the pots are still USA
made), 5th week of 1973, replaced brass saddles
for improved intonation, one replaced dot in the
fingerboard (gold with engraved symbol) at the
12th fret, 3-bolt neck, including brown
Hagström-supplied original hardcase in beat up
condition with lots of stickers on the lid

Price: SEK 48000

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