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1954 Gibson Les Paul Model

Very Good condition, 7/10, all original parts, no
breaks or repairs, including original brown
4-latch hardcase with pink lining, wraparound
bridge, both finish and plastic parts light up
nicely under the blacklight, worn original frets
(will probably need a refret soon but we leave
this to the next owner), tiny wood crack by the
treble side bridge post, worn and crazed finish, a
weird mark in the pickguard (perhaps from a
soldering iron?), rusty pickguard bracket, thin
binding in the cutaway, single ring no-line Kluson
tuners, the braided 2-strand shielded wire to the
output jack has been cut and grated to a modern
piece of braided shielded 3-strand wire with
insulation, probably to make the lead longer to
make it easier to solder and re-install, the brown
Switchcraft output jack looks correct for 1954,
has had a different screw pattern output jack
plate installed but the holes are now filled and
an original style repro is now installed

Price: SEK 420000

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