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1996 Fender Stratocaster Cunetto Mary Kaye

Very Good condition, 7/10, one of the very first
relics done by Vince Cunetto in his workshop,
maple neck with black dots and a white single ply
pickguard, has the Custom Shop embossed stamp on
the back of the headstock, gold hardware, flamed
maple in the neck, stamped neck heel S. Murillo
and the number 620867 upside down, date stamp in
the neck pocket is Jan 15 1996 and an additional
unidentified number F363-F plus a Relic stamp in
the pocket and under the neck plate and under the
pickguard in the body together with a Custom Shop
stamp, black paint in the cavities and another
number 621810, untouched pots, solder joints and
electronics, unfortunately all pot dates are
covered with solder (only 37 is visible in one
spot so probably 1379537 but we don t want to
unsolder to check), inside the case pocket is a
yellow tag that reads If found please call
immediately MC Touring 9255 Sunset Blvd 2nd Floor
West Hollywood CA 90069 Ph 310-385-4700 and some
people have guessed this has something to do with
Motley Crue, but we haven t dug deeper into this
but the previous owner bought it at Voltage
Guitars in Los Angeles who stated this at the time
of sale, but had no additional documentation
included, we just think it s cool

Price: SEK 55000

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