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circa early 1990s Demeter TGA-3

Good condition, 6,5/10, dirty tweed, early version
with the torroidial transformer, famous amp that
is very rare in the market today, notable users
include Sonny Landreth, Bonny Raitt, Dean DeLeo of
STP and Michael Ward. has just been checked by our
tech and he notes: I replaced one ECC83, removed
oxide, checked the bias and it on full but the
tubes still run a tiny little bit too hot, many
use 6550 tubes for this amp but this one has 6L6,
so I don t want to rebuild the bias, it works fine
like this, From online: TGA-3: The classic is
back The Demeter TGA-3 is an all-tube, 75 watt
guitar amplifier. It features 3 channel
operation:Channel 1 (clean) - the clean vintage,
tweed amp sound.Channel 2 (edge) - the ultimate
classic English crunch sound (can be used as a
second lead channel)Channel 3 (lead) - high
sustain, super distortion channel. In addition,
the TGA-3 features an innovative effects loop
which allows the amp to operate all three channels
in a full stereo mode (TGA-SA or equivalent power
amp is required for stereo operation.) ,
including XLR-cable for the footswitch

Price: SEK 18500

For more purchase information, please
contact Oscar at oscar@oscarguitars.se

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