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1959 Fender Pro Amp

Excellent condition, 8/10, professionally
re-covered tweed and replaced front cloth, the
internal label is stamped HD which means H=1958
and D=April, the Jensen Special Design blue
speakers are marked P15N-C5915 2 and they are
stamped 220930 (30th week of 1959), tranny from
Triad marked 8087, 3pc metal feet underneath but
one is missing and it only has a screw sticking
out now, modern replaced leather handle, more
info: Previously owned by both Junior Watson and
Kid Ramos this Pro is in original condition with
the exception of a very fine re-tweed done a good
many years ago and basic servicing to replace caps
and resistors as necessary. The Jensen P15N blue
bell speaker dates to 1959, but it was not
uncommon to see 58 examples with the Jensen blue
it is likely that the amp sat in the factory and
was given a 59 speaker when it was sent out as
these speakers were standard issue on the 59
models. In any case, the Jensen P15N is the most
desirable speaker for this amp and this one sounds
very fine indeed. This amp has been Scrupulously
maintained. It and runs dead quiet and up to spec
and leaves nothing left wanting.This is the
widely-preferred 5e5a model with bass, treble and
presence making it highly versatile, tonally. The
pro shares the same circuit as both the tweed
bandmaster and super, but of course these amps
differ in speaker compliment and transformers. And
yes, this one has its original transformers. An
amazing amp from the most desireable era of the
tweeds that is running perfectly and requires

Price: SEK 38500

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