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1962 Gibson GA-19RVT Falcon

Good condition, 6,5/10, this model was made
1962-1967 and this is from the first year, some
wear in the tolex, original handle, missinga piece
of the G in the logo, original knobs, has US 110V
plug, 1x12 12 Jensen C12R C7324 speaker with
date code 220220 (20th week of 1962) stamped on
the speaker basket, including original brown
wooden footswitch for Tremolo and Reverb, the
first transformer is marked GA 18 P 524 62 14
(Triwec Transformerfrom the 14th week of 1962) and
the other tranny is marked E-8400 166226, has just
been serviced by our tech and he notes: replaced
output tube, fixed the tremolo so it works
perfectly, everything looks straight inside except
for one solder point to the output transformer and
a couple of replaced electrolytes and the yellow
signal capacitors, power cord replaced with a
modern grounded version

Price: SEK 19500

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