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2013 Fender Ramparte Pawn Shop Series 9-Watt 1x12 Guitar Combo

Excellent condition, 8,5/10, labeled Type RP2409,
Made in Indonesia, original speaker, cool model
that came our in the fall of 2013, Fender s Pawn
Shop Special series Ramparte amp looks the part of
the perfect pawnshop prize. With its tastefully
textured two-tone chocolate-and-copper fabric
covering, it s right at home in the den or living
room next to the recliner and the console stereo.
But fire up this diminutive 9-watt beauty and you
ll be storming the ramparts of pure tube tone,
with huge power and performance from the 12
Special Design speaker and dual hot and cool
channels, price brand new was 3095SEK (about

Price: SEK 3900

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