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1949 Hagström Electrical Hawaii Guitar Lapsteel

Very Good condition, 7/10, including non original
case (the original is brown with red lining),
including the tuner cover that ofter gets
misplaced, the logo has been repainted by hand in
red paint, was originally a black decal, extremely
rare and few made, if you know you know, according
to the people who have researched these there
were probably around 100pc made during 1947-1949
in Hagstroms Falun factory and it was advertised
with a large add in the magazine Estrad in 1949
which shows there must have been enough made to
cover sales at that point, the model was made in 4
different finishes; grey celluloid, black, white
and blue, the 2 little plastic pieces that hold
the cover on the sides of the pickup have been
replaced with mahogany but the one in front of the
pickup is still there, according to a sticker on
the back of the headstock it was sold brand new at
Bruno Eberhard Musik (over hela Skane) and has a
number on the sticker 14550

Price: SEK 20000

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