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2018 MTD 532/24 Lynn Keller Sige Maple Burl 5-string

Mint condition, 9/10, 10 top, 32 scale, price
brand new is 68000SEK (about 6800USD), signed on
the back of the headstock; Lynn Keller 5 #6 #4
3102 Moon Kingston NY USA , 4-bolt maple neck with
Buzz Feiten tuning system, active pickups, 2pc
Bartolini pickups, black hardware, 5pc wooden
knobs, crazy and beautiful top, from online: A
stunning, hand build bass by US master luthier
Michael Tobias. Featuring MTDs own brand of
excellence combined with high quality materials
give an instrument of the highest calibre.
Featuring a stunning Maple Burl 10 top, 32 scale
and 16mm string spacing - a unique, hand crafted
instrument from one of the most respected builders
in the USA.

Price: SEK 52500

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