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1992 Alembic Essence Bass

Mint condition, 9/10, flamed maple top, no fret
wear, ebony fingerboard, active pickups, 3-ply all
maple neck, chrome tuners, brass
bridge+tailpiece+nut, 3pc black plastic knobs, 2pc
black Alembic humbuckers, the serial is on a brass
badge over the trussrod nut on the body below the
fingerboard, including SKB lightcase, from online:
Presented a used 1992 Alembic bass with active
bass and filter control, volume, pan, new cost
2018 was 9870GBP / 123000SEK / 13000USD /
11847euro and more info: top: Flame
Mapleaccent: Walnut pinstripebody: Mapleneck:
3-piece Maplescale: 34 longfingerboard:
Ebonyinlays: nonepickups: MXYcontrols: Essence
volume, pan, filter, mono outputbirthday: 1992Many
have asked how they could get the Alembic sound
without the size and weight of the classic Alembic
instruments. Our answer is the Essence.We took the
lead for the design from right half of the Small
Standard body. We slimmed this down until it was
barely big enough to hold the electronics. For the
left half, we extended the horn so the bass would
balance as a long scale. For 5-string and 6-string
versions, the upper horn is longer yet to retain
the excellent balance. The Essence bass is our
smallest body - a scant 12 inches across.The heart
of the Essence s tone is the Alembic low-pass
filter, the same tone control we pioneered in 1969
when Ron Wickersham first introduced active
electronics to the musical world. With this one
tone control, a wide range of sounds from deep to
bright are available with a simple twist of one
knob. Even a small amount of rotation can produce
a big change in tone.The Essence bass gives you
all the essentials of Alembic: neck through body
construction, Alembic pickups and active
electronics, solid brass hardware, all crafted in
Santa Rosa, California, USA, the only place that
Alembics are born.

Price: SEK 20000

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