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2016 Skjold USA Leo S Pride B 5-string Bass

Mint condition, 9/10, only slight fret wear, hand
made by Pete Skjold in Warsaw, Ohio, USA, today
this would be considered a Stage Series which is
the entry level model without exotic woods (list
price around 4400euro) as opposed to the Continuum
Series which has a list price around 9200USD,
these basses are Skjolds celebration of Leo s
legacy and comes in A(Jazz) and B (Precision),
gloss finish body, natural with slight amber one
towards the edges of the body, 1pc Skjold C4
humbucker, 3pc chrome knobs, deep neck pocket 4
screw bolt-on neck, 3-ply flamed maple neck with
pau ferro (?) fingerboard, brushed Hipshot tuners,
signed back of headstock, passive pickups (that
can be run in paralell/series) but it has a
battery compartment in the back to run the
Redeemer electronics from CreationAudioLabs (This
is combined with the Creation Audio Labs Redeemer
circuit, which according to its makers is a
buffer circuit that is designed to eliminate tone
loss caused by the interaction of instrument
electronics and the loading effect of the cable,
effects units and amplifier), neck tenon covered
with a piece of darkbrown wood (rosewood?),
including lightcase from Kinsman cases

Price: SEK 30000

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