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circa 1980s Ibanez CP9 Compressor/Limiter MIJ

Very Good condition, 7,5/10, velcro on the bottom,
Made in Japan, The Ibanez CP9 Guitar Effect Pedal
is a preferred pedal in its category. This Ibanez
CP9 Limiter has 3 knobs for attack time, level and
threshold. The Ibanez CP9 Guitar Effect Pedal has
a transparent compressor that preserves your
original guitar tone and allows you to dial
different amount of compression. The CP9
Compressor has a thick metal rubber foot that
gives you an easy access to battery cover on the
bottom or 9 volt adapter plug. You can choose your
attack - Fast attack for smooth sound and slow
attack for great bass with this Ibanez CP9
Limiter. Even at higher settings, through its
classic response, this CP9 Compressor makes your
dynamic playing style shine.

Price: SEK 950

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