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Shin-Ei Vibe-2 Chorus / Vibrato

Mint condition, 9/10, Made in Austin, TX,
including original box and adapter, runs on 24V DC
with minus in the middle, price brand new is
7395SEK (about 750USD), from online: The Vibe-2
packs all the power, tone and features of the
Vibe-Bro housed in a smaller, pedal board friendly
enclosure. It s main circuitry is basically a
clone of the Vibe-Bro and the original 1960 s
Honey Uni-Vibe using high quality photocells, high
grade carbon composition resistors and even an
ultra rare N.O.S Miyama red and white
Chorus-Vibrato switch! The Vibe-2 features two
speed controls operated by a front panel foot
switch. The popular Bypass-Preamp switch found on
the rear of the Vibe-Bro can also be found on the
front panel of the new Vibe-2. Its smaller size is
a major plus for those with pedal boards where
real estate is at a premium.

Price: SEK 4500

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