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VOX AC30CC2 Custom Classic 2x12 Combo

Very Good condition, 7/10, Made in China, worn
tolex in a few places, including manual and
2-button footswitch, from online: The Vox Custom
Classic AC30CC2 30W 2x12 Combo delivers the
classic chime and jangle of a staple British tube
amp with boutique-quality appointments designed
for premium tone. Blend the Normal and Top Boost
channels to your liking and cycle through a fleet
of tweakable features from onboard spring reverb
to custom EQ switches to a switchable cathode
bias, all pumped through a pair of Wharfdale
GSH12-30 12 speakers.

Price: SEK 6500

For more purchase information, please
contact Oscar at oscar@oscarguitars.se

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