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1970 Gibson B-25

Very Good condition, 7/10, x-bracing, including
black modern hardcase with black lining, lots of
long scratches in the finish on the top, original
Gibson Deluxe tuners with metal buttons, the
headstock does not have a black faceplate which is
typical for1969 and 1970 on a couple of acoustic
models such as the J-50, this guitar is from the
last year that Gibson made the B-25 model as
evidenced by the era correct volute on the back of
the headstock and Made in USA-stamp on the back of
the headstock, original white plastic strap button
at the end block, no fret wear, repaired crack in
the top by the soundhole/pickguard and by the
fingerboard extension, one side of the headstock
has a missing ear (a part of the wood is missing)

Price: SEK 28500

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