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1964 Leif Hansson Model 6 Folk (3/4 Size)

Very Good condition, 7/10, Made in Norway, 3/4
size, plays great with low action thanks to a neck
reset, reglued bridge, period handbag included,
from Leif Hansson (1916-1997)
was a Norwegian luthier who started building
guitars and violins in 1935 when he was 18. In the
early years this was a hobby at home in his
basement. In May 1943 - in the midst of the war -
he started a guitar factory in Olso. In 1944 he
was making strings for guitars, mandolins and
violins. By 1945, he ran nationwide advertising
for products and in 1946 the Leif Hansson Musical
Instrument Factory was a large company with 33
employees located in Heimdalsgata 23-25, Olso.
They produced 115 guitars as well as some
mandolins each month, with their own strings made
on 8 string spinning machines. The factory also
has its own mechanical department which made all
the metal parts for the guitars such as machine
heads, bridges and screws. The factory moved to
larger premises at Rossedal in Ostre Aker.In the
autumn of 1951, the company became a corporation.
Leif Hansson A/S was entered in the trade register
on 2 November. 1951, with Leif Hansson as chairman
and Jacob Engh, Peder Gulmoen and Harald Strom on
the board. In 1961 the business was moved to newly
built premises in Skjervaveien on Strommen. A
production company was established called Strommen
Treartikler A/S, with Alfred Holmen as the manager
responsible for the production. The main products
were guitars, but some mandolins, some ukuleles
and some double basses were also made. The company
had around 10 men working and about 6,000 guitars
were produced annually. The guitars were marketed
under the name Leif Hansson A / S, which was a
company led by Jacob Engh.When the manager Alfred
Holmen died in 1971, there were changes. The
business was now moved to Fla in Hallingdal.
Unfortunately, despite the optimism and big plans,
the Strommen Treartikler company went bankrupt in
1973, and guitar production ended. After that,
some imported guitars were sold under the Leif
Hansson brand name, but these were not made in

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