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Morley Type EVO-1A Stereo Echo Amplifier

Good condition, 6,5/10, a bit of wear, Made by
Tel-Ray Electronics Burbank, CA, imported by
Brinks Musik in Sweden, S-marked (Swedish quality
control) with 220V 50Hz, (has a sticker with the
info Caution this device is designed for run at
240V 50Hz ), comes in a homemade box with straps,
from For the uninitiated, the
EVO-1 was Morley s contribution to guitar-pedal
delay devices. A rather colossal addition, I might
add. The oilcan delay was invented by a very
clever chap named Ray Lubow. Ray and his brother
had a company called Tel-Ray, and they supplied
their oilcan delay module- which was originally
called the Adineko Memory System-to other
companies, including Fender and Gibson. Eventually
Ray and his brother started producing their own
standalone units under the name Morley.At the
heart of the EVO-1 lies the oilcan unit. This is a
drum containing a spinning, anodized metallic disc
with rubber read and write heads pushed against
its side. And there s a little magic oil in the
bottom-just enough to coat the metal disc and keep
the oxygen out. The oil and anodized disc work as
a dielectric (which means it can store a charge or
signal). So, as the disc spins around past the
write head, a thin layer of oil coats the disc and
the signal is stored electrostatically. When the
disc passes by the read head, the slightly delayed
signal is relayed to the circuitry and sent to the
EVO-1 s output.The beauty of this oilcan
technology is actually a result of its failure to
work as a straightforward delay unit. Rather than
providing crisp, accurate repeats, the oil can
offers up watery, warbly, vibrato sounds that are
unpredictable and oh-so gorgeous. The fact that
the medium carrying the audio information is
constantly fighting gravity and doing its very
best to drip off the metallic disc is only the
start of the hijinks. The AC mains-powered motor
is notoriously inconsistent. This, coupled with a
rubber drive belt and pulley arrangement, yields
significant wow-and-flutter. It s a design truly
worthy of Heath Robinson.In today s gear
environment, where we re blessed with more and
more builders producing their own pedals and
equipment, I think it s good to step back and look
at something that truly is a work of genius-in
concept, if nothing else. Really, the idea that
you could use a spinning disc with a carrier oil
to create a delay sound? Forget about changing a
few values here and there to an existing design,
the oilcan delay is invention on a grand scale. If
you have a technical inclination, you can study
exactly what s happening in the oilcan, as the
patents can be found online (look for US Patents
2892898 and 3072543).

Price: SEK 4500

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