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1971 Gibson Les Paul Custom Smoker (signed By Ace Frehley)

Fair condition, 5,5/10, very worn finish and has a
repaired headstock break, has been professionally
and invisibly refretted for optimal playing back
in 2016 by luthier Robert Wahlander but there are
some traces after an earlier refret with wear in
the fingerboard, replaced electronics with modern
CTS-pots and new knobs, now for the good stuff:
ATTENTION ALL KISS FANS! Here is a unique and
super vibey Les Paul that is a kind of modified
replica (to be clear, this is a real Gibson built
in Kalamazoo, MI) of the 1974 LPC that was Ace s
main guitar for 17 months (November 1976 to April
1978) and then on and off until his departure from
KISS in 1982, (read more here:,
the guitar has been owned by a Canadian good
friend of Ace s who plays in a Kiss cover band
called Rock And Roll Over in Toronto, he had Ace
sign this in person and then turned this into a
smoker (work done by Jeff Donahoe in Virginia
Beach, USA) including modifications to make room
for a smoke bomb (does not work at the moment but
can probably be fixed by a future owner) and a
standard G4 base halogen bulb (lights up nicely!)
in the neck pickup cavity (a dummy pickup is
installed, no rout), lots of paperwork included
with a signed document (possibly a Xerox copy,
hard to tell) from Ace as the center piece, also
lots of manuals about the smoke bomb and lots of
extra Surefire Igniters to set off the bomb, an
envelope from Garrett Park Guitars with 2pc Smoke
Cartridges (one 45s and one 90s white from, the bomb/light is set off by a
4-position rotary switch and is each run by a 9V
battery (2 batteries in total)-same serial number
range as the original Budokan (600000-range) which
has been dated to 1974 (currently owned by Matt
Swanson)-routed for a 3rd pickup-installed smoke
bomb and light in neck cavity under a dummy pickup
cover-DiMarzio Super Distortion in bridge
position-nickel plated Grover tuners with pearloid
banjo buttons-original hardcase with KISS-logo
sprayed on and a KISS-decal with a barcode 002018

Price: SEK 65000

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